Why Knuckle Cranes are better!

People who have never seen or heard of a knuckle crane always ask what makes it better than a regular stick crane?  Anybody who has seen our knuckle crane in action only ask one question: “Can I have your business card?  I’ll be calling you with my next job.”  Everyone that is walking or driving by stops what they are doing to watch, it is just that amazing to see in action.

What makes Knuckle Cranes better?

  1. Knuckle Cranes bend, hense the term knuckle.  They can reach and bend into places that standard cranes don’t have a prayer of reaching.  They can reach longer distances with less boom, which in the craning world is a big deal on certain jobs.
  2. With the knuckle you can sometimes use a smaller crane to do the same work a larger stick crane would be required, which saves you money.  More bang for buck.
  3. The newer knuckle cranes are controlled by remote controls.  Would you believe that the crane operator is standing beside the window inside the building seeing first hand for himself what the crane is doing as it comes up and reaches into the building.
  4. It is just cool to watch.  It is like watching a transformer change from a truck into robot.