Crane Man Basket Work

Need a lift to a hard to reach place to do some work? Using a man basket on a knuckle crane may be the best solution for you. With up to 120 feet of reach and the ability bend the crane arm in the middle, this gives you new options that ladder, sissor lifts cannot even consider.

Cutting down a tree in a backyard.

Using a crane gives you the ability to reach over obstacles on the ground to get where you need to go. Whether it is over unsafe terrain like a construction zone or the landscape is block by other materials or structures; craning gives you new options. Cranes also allow you to come at things from a side angle at a distance, so if you do need to drop items down to the ground (like tree cutting), you can make sure your work zone is clear of people and safe to operate where items will not compromise your safety when working at heights.

Crane Man Basket to work on Flagpole
Servicing a flagpole using a crane man basket.

Remember safety first! Talk to our crane specialists to see which equipment is right for your particular job and see how we can make your life easier and safer to accomplish your task at hand. Our knuckle cranes deploy quickly getting you in and out of where you need to be with little fuss and operate in a smaller footprint then your typical cranes. With the man basket attached directly to the crane arm, it reduces motion that hanging man baskets have when attached to a crane line. What makes this even more amazing is these knuckle cranes are operated by remote control, so the crane operator can stand with the best possible site line to move the basket.

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