Container Craning

Crane ContainerIn the transport industry craning containers and boxes on and off trailers is a common problem when you are out on the road with no way to move it. Braymore uses knuckle cranes to solve this problem. Knuckle cranes are highly maneuverable and able to work in very tight spaces.  With our wireless remote system, our crane operator is able to be right beside the container to make sure it lines up the way you want it to go, with no concerns about mis-communications.

Crane Truck BoxYour typical container weights 5000-7000 pounds depending on which type of container we are referring too. Our heavy duty knuckle crane can lift up to 16,000 pounds, but depending on the weight can lift it 20-50 feet. In craning, the lighter the item the further you can reach with it. For example a typical 20′ container weight under 5000 pounds can be craned just over 40 feet, while a 40′ container weighing around 7000 pounds can be craned around 25 feet.

If you have an empty container that you need lifted, call one of our crane experts today to see how we can assist you with your lifting needs.