Crane Furniture onto Balcony

Moving furniture onto balconies in condo and apartment buildings is serious business.  The building management does not just let anyone hoist items onto a balcony.

They want to know who:

  • Who is doing it?
  • Do they have any experience doing this?
  • How are they planning to do this?
  • Do they realize there is underground parking to worry about?
  • How are they going to insure the building does not get damaged?
  • Are they properly insured for damage to the building?
  • How are they going to insure no one gets hurt?

If you cannot answer these questions to their satisfaction: you are not going to get your lift job approved by the building management.  That is where Braymore Specialty Movers and Braymore Crane Service comes into the picture.  Braymore has a reputation of doing the job right and making sure jobs get done damage free.  Braymore  has hoisted lots of appliances, sofas, armoires and other pieces of furniture using different tools or cranes depending which makes the most sense for each situation.  On every job that Braymore cranes or hoists at a building, the manager or superintendent is constantly asking at the end of the job for business cards to give other tenants in the building when it happens again.  And it does.

Check out some of these jobs to see why Braymore Crane and Hoist service is liked by buildings around the Toronto area.

Crane Armoire onto balcony:

Crane Sofa onto balcony:

Hoist Sofa to 7th Floor balcony:

If you would like a quote on what it would cost to hoist or crane your furniture on your balcony.  Fill in our online form or call our office today.