Knuckle Crane Service

Knuckle Cranes are highly manouverable and able to reach many locations that traditional stick cranes cannot go.  They are european designed to work in tight spaces and are ideal for working around obstacles like trees, poles, wires.  One of the amazing things is there ability to work in low areas, like warehouse buildings, alleys with lots of over head wires and neighbourhoods with lots of mature trees.

Knuckle cranes are precision machines and can reach into some of the most difficult places.  In this picture you see a safe being craned into a building and up a flight of stairs.  Not something your typical crane can do.  At Braymore, we think outside the box and try to figure out the best solution for you, since we are both movers and crane operators.  If you are not sure whether something is possible, call us and let us determine that for you.


Technically Knuckle cranes can work inside warehouses or reach into them from outside.  Our cranes also have flatbed ability to transport goods so that you do not need to hire an additional service.  That is big savings in itself.

One of the most biggest misconceptions of knuckle cranes are their reach.  This is because most knuckle cranes you see are the smallest versions designed for getting skids on and off flatbed trucks.  Don’t be deceived, just because knuckle cranes can compact into very small space does not mean they have a small reach.  The real powerful knuckle cranes have amazing reach abilities able to lift items over houses and items up onto balconies just like any other crane, but with more manoeuverability.

Contact our Crane Specialist to see how our Knuckle Cranes can make your job easier.