Crane Service

Looking for a crane service and not sure who to pick?

When it comes to picking a crane service you have to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the weight of the object you want to crane?
  2. What is the height and distance you need to crane it?
  3. Is there any obstacles that the crane service needs to work around?
  4. Is the crane going to be parked on any public roads or places that require permits?
  5. Do I trust this job to anyone to handle?

When you answer these five questions it becomes fairly obvious which crane service you should pick.  Questions 1 & 2 tell you whether the crane service has the right size crane to do your job.  It either can or cannot lift it to where it needs to go.  Question 3 tells you whether you can use a basic stick crane for open spaces or something more precise like a knuckle crane to manoeuver in tight places that might have trees and power lines.  When in doubt go with the most flexible crane.  Question 4 tells you whether your crane job is going to be more complicated crane move because the government is involved.  Lastly question 5 tells you whether you are looking for a crane operator that can fling something from point A to B or a crane operator that care about their workmanship and takes pride in their work.

How does Braymore Crane Service answer these questions.  We’ll for questions 1 & 2 we need to know this information about your crane job before we can properly answer.  For question 3, Braymore Crane Service uses a knuckle crane which is one of the most precise cranes on the market.  On top of that the crane Braymore uses is controlled by remote control, so the crane operator can stand anywhere and see everything first hand himself.  When have you seen a crane operator lift something while standing on the roof?  Question 4 means your job is going to take more time to organize while permits are ordered from the government and might be time sensitive depending on the governments response.  Question 5 is about the character of the company and its workers.  Braymore’s foundation (origins) is in specialty moving of high end sensitive objects like pianos.  Braymore’s model is: Moving at a Higher Standard!  Doesn’t that say it all?