Crane Rental

Want to rent a crane for a crane rental and not sure who to use?

Use these questions to help you pick your crane rental service:

  1. How much weight for you lifting?
  2. How far and how high do you need it lifted?
  3. Is there anything the crane needs to work around?  (trees, power lines, etc.)
  4. How much care and help do I demand of the crane operator?

Why are these questions important?  Well questions 1 & 2 tell you whether the crane you are renting can physically do the job you are requesting.  Just because the crane can lift it, doesn’t mean it can get it where you want it to go.  Question 3 is important in determining whether any simple stick crane can do your crane job or whether you need a more accurate crane to get where you want to go.  Also you may not need as heavy a crane to do your lift if it is able to get around obstacles easier.  Lastly are you lifting a bag of dirt or a priceless statue?  If it is a priceless statue or something you cannot afford to get damaged, you don’t want just anyone at the controls.  You want someone who cares and knows what they are doing.

How does Braymore Crane Rental answer these questions?  When renting Braymore’s Crane Service, we cannot answer questions 1 & 2 until you call us and tell us about your particular crane rental job.  For question 3, Braymore uses a knuckle crane which is one of the most flexible cranes on the market.  It literally is like watching a transformer in action.  On top of that it is remote controlled, meaning the crane operator can stand anywhere and follow the load from start to finish.  Forget missed hand signals, our crane operator can technically stand on the roof and see everything for himself.  For the last question, Braymore’s roots are in handling heavy, delicate items like pianos.  Braymore’s model is:  Moving at a Higher Standard!  Is that the type of crane rental service that you are looking for?